venerdì, marzo 14, 2003


Ho trovato un articolo interessante che elenca i "numeri" correlati alle azioni pre-belliche negli stati uniti; in particolare, vorrei segnalare :

2: The number of patriotic Congressmen who, according to a front-page story in today's Times (!), had the word "French" removed from all menus inside the House of Representatives. Our hard-working lawmakers now can order "Freedom Toast" and "Freedom Fries," thanks to the bold actions of Bob Ney (R-Ohio) and Walter Jones (R-N. Carolina). Interestingly, the Boston Globe ran a story entitled, "In a tight House schedule, war rarely takes the floor." Said Congressman John Tierney (D-Massachusetts), "We're the only democracy in the world that's not debating the Iraq situation." The French embassy's response to the menu amendments: "I wonder if it's worth a comment. Honestly. We are working these days on very, very serious issues of war and peace, life or death. We are not working on potatoes."

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